Technical Details Datasheet for 5 W, 2700K Product Details Osram PARATHOM DIM PAR20 Dimmable LED Reflector Lamp, E27, 2700K, with Retrofit Screw Base. Osram Parathon PAR20 LED lamp bulbs are an economical, dimmable, reflector lamp bulb that gives you low energy consumption with high quality light with good colour rendering. A...
OSRAM STAR PAR20 is the best LED light online, which takes no time to light up and gives instant bright light. The product has a superior light quality, utilizes 85% less electricity, produces warm white light for pleasant environment and can be used both indoor and out door. LPPAR20D5036 5W/827...

This LED Bulb is ideal for General lighting and Accent lighting, such as Art Galleries, Museums, Home, Hotels, Offices, Restaurants, Retail Shops and much more. Easy Installation.

Standard PAR20 shape with E26 medium bases, can be easily fitted to replace regular PAR20 halogen bulbs.

Energy Efficient. Save up to 85% on electricity bill.