ApplicationA range of rectangular and square wall recessedluminaires, with an indirect optical system,offering high vandal resistance. Suitablefor indoor or outdoor applications. A recessedlamp eliminates all discomfort glare. Light isdirected to the ground, providing illuminationwhere it is needed and minimizing light spill.The luminaires have features such as long life,limited maintenance and...
$ 171.42 $ 183.42
ApplicationA range of small and large circular wall mountedbulkheads with polycarbonate diffuser. Idealfor numerous indoor or outdoor applications.Sandy has a subtle chamfered frame and it canbe given a more striking appearance by way ofdifferent grill and visor options.DescriptionLow copper content corrosion resistant diecastaluminum housing and frame. Stainlesssteel screws. Durable silicone...
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