For the datasheet click here. LTP-600-18W Comes with 18W LED lamps and a built-in Non-Dim driver LTP-1200-34W  Comes with 34W LED lamps and built-in Non-Dim driver
Technical Details: *Check stock before ordering. Lead time 8-10 weeks upon order confirmation* Datasheet Aerolite PEL-41 (1x48W LED) Ceiling Recessed Light Fitting (295x1195mmx30mm) With High Brightness Flat Opal PMMA Diffuser c/w Lamp and 1 to 10V dimming driver  Aerolite PEL-41/48W led 300x1200 led panel - Non DimAerolite PEL-21/24W led 300x600 led...
For datasheet click here.  
Click here for Data sheet.    THE DOUBLE PARABOLIC for multiple lamp luminaires are manufactured from high grade anodised aluminium having carefully designed curved specular reflectors for each lamp way to achieve the achieve transverse light distribution, with specifically spaced interlocking cross blades of specular curved contour, to effect a...