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PHILIPS UFO LEDBulb Clearnace sale

PHILIPS  Philips Clearance  18-10-2019
Material Material Stock in Hand 
10929001971707 UFO LEDBulb 15W B22 6500K 230V 1CT/6 6378
10929001971507 UFO LEDBulb 15W E27 6500K 230V 1CT/6 6605
10929001972107 UFO LEDBulb 24W B22 6500K 230V 1CT/6 2352
10929001971907 UFO LEDBulb 24W E27 6500K 230V 1CT/6 1878
10929001861307 TBulb LEDBulb 10W E27 6500K HV 1CT/6 APR 9,408
10929001382707 TBulb LEDBulb 10W B22 6500K HV 1CT/6 APR 2842
10929001861207 Tbulb LEDBulb 10W E27 3000K HV 1CT/6 APR 2292
929001812508 TForce Core HB 200-160W E40 840 WB GM 155
929676008101 HELIX 42W CDL E27 220-240V 1CT/6 2344
10929676008501 Helix 52W CDL E27 220-240V 1CT/12​ 1104
10929689208605 TORNADO 12W WW E27 220-240V 1CT/12 4200
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