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Vossloh Schwabe Z 250 S Electronic Superimposed Ignitors for HS and HI Lamps Delight

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for HS Lamps
70 (DE) to 250 W
and HI Lamps
35 to 250 W
Standard version or with automatic switch-off
For high-pressure sodium lamps (HS),
metal halide lamps (HI) and
ceramic discharge lamps (C-HI)
Phasing of the ignition voltage:
60–90 °el and 240–270 °el
Max. permitted casing temperature: 105 °C
Fastening: male nipple with pre-assembled
washer and nut
For luminaires of protection class I and II

Aluminium casing (Al) with screw terminals: 0.75–4 mm²

Inherent heating <20
Internal loss W
Z 250 S
 Ignition Voltage kV 4-5
Load capacity pF 20-100
Maximum lamp Current A 3.5
Ref. No 140425
Voltage AC 50,60 Hz  220-240 V
a mm 76 mm
b mm -
c mm -
Weight 0.140 kg
Diameter mm