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Vossloh Schwabe LN26.813 220V 50HZ TC D/TC T Ballast

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Electromagnetic ballast for compact fluorescent lamps.
Standard ballast
Vacuum-impregnated with polyester resin
Push-in terminal for leads: 0.5–1 mm2
For the automatic luminaire wiring: IDC terminals for leads H05V-U 0.5
Protection class I
Lamp type: TC-D/TC-T
Output [W]: 26 for compact fluorescent lamps TC-D/TC-T (G24d-3/GX24d3)
Voltage [V]: 230
Frequency [Hz]: 50 Hz
Shape: 28 x 41 mm
Dimensions (a*b*c): 110x100x45 mm
Energy efficiency: B2