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[Spain] ORBIS DIM LED : Hidden Regulator for Dimmable Lights x10Pcs

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Model: DIM LED_230 V a.c;50 Hz


Technical Specifications



  • Light dimmer for concealed mounting in a universal box.
  • On/Off switching or dimming by press and hold.
  • Suitable for all dimmable lamps.


      • Reduced size for fitting between a pushbutton and the mechanism box, or concealed in inspection boxes, suspended ceilings, etc.
      • Press and let go will switch lights On/Off. Press and hold will dim the lights to the required level.
      • Quick non-disruptive installation; no neutral connection required.
      • Memory function for desired switch on level.
      • Reduces lighting power consumption and increases lamp service life.
      • Compatible with all commercially available push buttons.
      • Suitable for 2-way switching installations.
      • Suitable for all dimmable lamps, except 12 V dc LEDs operating with electromagnetic transformers.
      • Includes overload, thermal and short-circuit protection.

    Areas of application:

      • Light dimming through external push buttons for meeting rooms, bedrooms, lounges, restaurants, rest areas, etc.

    Model: DIM LED_230 V a.c;50 Hz

    • Reference :OB200009

    Technical Specifications

    • Power supply: 230 V ac
    • Nominal frequency: 50 Hz
    • Power consumption: 0,035 VA
    • Luminous push buttons: No.
    • Minimum dimming range:10.30%.
    • Adjustment type: LAMP1 (trailing edge) /LAMP2 (leading edge).
    • Installation: Optional neutral connection (based on lamp characteristics).
    • Protection: Overcurrent short-circuit.Built-in thermal protection.
    • Degree of protection: IP 20 según EN 60529.
    • Operating temperature: -10 a + 50 ºC
    • Maximum recommended load:
      • Incandescent: 150 W
      • Halogen (230 V ac): 150 W.
      • Low consumption lamps: 100 VA.
      • Halogen (12 V ac) (electronic transformer): 100 VA.
      • Halogen (12 V ac) (electromagnetic transformer): 100 VA.
      • LED (electronic transformer): 100 VA.
      • LED (electromagnetic transformer): NO.