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[Spain] ORBIS CIRCUMAT PRO CR: Surface Ceiling Mounting Presence Sensor x5Pcs

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Model: CIRCUMAT PRO CR_230 V a.c.;50 Hz


Technical Specifications


• Easy ceiling installation by plug-in base.

• Detection field up to ø 30 m. 3.5 m high. Maximum height 7 m.

• Compatible with MANDO CR for remote programming without the need for a ladder or screwdriver.



  • It stands out for its great catchment capacity: at 7 m high, 10 m in diameter, at 3.5 m high, 30 m in diameter.
  • Plug-in base for faster installation.
  • Classified as a presence detector due to its high detection capacity and is equipped with continuous measurement of ambient luminosity.
  • Optionally it can be programmed using the remote control MANDO CR.
  • LED status pilot: waiting for movement, detecting movement or light conditions above the selected level.
  • Stepped timing regulation.
  • Pulse function: 1 s ON / 4 s OFF.
  • Zero crossing relay for switching LED, fluorescence or low consumption loads.
  • Adjustable parameters: catchment area, timing and light sensitivity.
  • Capture field limiter included, allows to override detection in specific areas within the capture area.
  • Accessory: remote control MANDO CR (OB134712)

                                                                                                                                                      Model: CIRCUMAT PRO CR_230 V a.c.;50 Hz

  • Reference OB134912
  • Applications :Classrooms, changing rooms, industrial buildings, meeting rooms.

                                                                                                                                             Technical Specifications

    • Feeding: 230 Va.c., 50 Hz
    • Breaking power:10 A 230 Va.c.
    • Timing: from 10s to 30 min.
    • Light sensitivity: adjustable from 10-1,000 lux
    • Temp. functioning: -10 ºC to +40 ºC
    • Degree of protection: IP 44 according to EN 60529
    • Detection angle:360º
    • Installation height: Surface on ceilings up to 7 m maximum height
    • Detection field: Up to 18 m in diameter at 2.5 m in height / Up to 30 m in diameter at 3.5 m in height / Up to 20 m in diameter at 5 m in height
    • Maximum loads
      • Incandescent lamps: 2200 W
      • Fluorescent: 1200 VA
      • Low voltage halogens: 2000 VA
      • Halogens (230V AC): 2200 W
      • Low consumption lamps: 900 VA
      • Led lamps: 500 VA
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