PHILIPS HF-Selectalume TL5 Flourescent Ballast x12PCs

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General Information
Application Code
Type Version
Lamp Type
Number of Lamps
1/2/(3/4) piece/unit
Number of Products on MCB (16A Type B) (Nom)
Automatic Restart
Operating and Electrical
Input Voltage
220 to 240 V
Input Frequency
50 to 60 Hz
Operating Frequency (Nom)
45 kHz
Crestfactor (Nom)
Power Factor 100% Load (Nom)
Preheat Time
0.5 s
Mains Voltage Performance (AC)
Mains Voltage Safety (AC)
Earth Leakage Current (Max)
0.5 mA
Inrush Current Width
0.25 ms
Ballast Factor (Nom)
Power Losses (Nom)
2.0-3.5 W
Inrush Current Peak (Max)
24 A
Connector Type Input Terminals
WAGO 744 connector
Cable Capacity Output Wires Mutual (Max)
200 pF
Connector Type Output Terminals
WAGO 744 connector  [ Suitable for manual wiring]
Cable Length Hot Wiring
0.75 m
Wire Striplength
8.0-9.0 mm
Dual Fixture Master/Slave
Possible, lamp wires 2m max. length  [ Master/Slave operation possible]
Input Terminal Cross Section
0.50-1.00 mm²
Output Terminal Cross Section
0.50-1.00 mm²
Cable Capacity Cold Output Wires - Earth (Max)
200 pF
Cable Capacity Hot Output Wires - Earth (Max)
200 pF
System characteristics
Rated Ballast-Lamp Power
14-35 W / 14-28 W / 35 W / 49 W / 54 W 
Rated Lamp Power on TL5 HE
14/35 W
System Power on TL5 HE
16.7/40.5 W
Lamp Power on TL5 HE
14.7/37.0 W
Power Loss on TL5 HE
2.0/3.5 W
T-Ambient (Max)
55 °C
T-Ambient (Min)
-20 °C
T-Storage (Max)
50 °C
T-Storage (Min)
-40 °C
T-Case Lifetime (Nom)
75 °C
T-Case Maximum (Max)
75 °C
Mechanical and Housing
Emergency Operation
Nominal Light Output After 60 Seconds
100% of EBLF
Normal Operating Voltage (DC)
220-240 V
Battery Voltage Guaranteed Operation
176-275 V
Battery Voltage Guaranteed Ignition
186-275 V
Emergency Ballast Lumen Factor (EBLF) (Nom)
100 %
Nominal Light Output After 5 Seconds
50% of EBLF
Approval and Application
Energy Efficiency Index
IP Classification
IP 20  [ Ingress Protection 20]
EMI 9 kHz ... 30 MHz
Vibration Standard
IEC68-2-6 F c
Bumps Standard
IEC 68-2-29 Eb
Approval Marks

CE marking

ENEC certificate

CCC certificate

C-Tick certificate

TISI marking

SIRIM approval

CCC certificate

Hum And Noise Level
30 dB(A)

PHILIPS HF-Selectalume TL5 Flourescent Ballast x12PCs

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