PHILIPS EB-SELECTALUME 218 TLD 220-240V Fluorescent Electronic Ballast x50PCs

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White plastic housing, high frequency (> 42kHz) electronic ballast
for TLD fluorescent lamps at 220 –230V 50/60Hz.
Features & Benefits:
• Up to 25% reduction in energy consumption at constant luminous
flux compared with conventional gear.
• Less strain on the eyes improves productivity as the electronic
ballast with higher operating frequency (>42kHz) does not cause
the lamp to flicker at 50Hz operation.
• Up to 30% longer lamp life than using conventional ballasts.
• Automatic stop circuit is activated within five seconds in case of
lamp failure (Safety stop).
Typical areas of application include:
• Department stores, Malls, Shops, Hyper-and Supermarkets
• Office buildings, Banks, government ministries
• Industrial premises
Philips quality
This assures optimum quality regarding:
• System supplier
As manufacturer of lamps, electronic control gear and lighting
control equipment, Philips ensures that, from the earliest development stage, optimum lamp/ballast performance is maintained.
• International standards
Philips Electronic Ballast’s complies with all relevant international
standards and regulations.

Compliances and approvals
• RFI<30 MHz EN 55015 (EMC)
• RFI>30 MHz EN 55015
• Harmonics IEC 61000-3-2
• Immunity EN 61547
• Safety IEC 61347-2-3
• Vibration & bump tests EN 60068-2-6-FC,
EN 60068-2-29-Eb
• Quality standard ISO 9001
• Environmental standard ISO 14001, RoHS compliant
• Approval marks CE, CCC, C-Tick

Technical data for installation
Mains operation
Rated mains voltage 220-230 V
With tolerances for safety: ± 10% 198-253 V (3)
(3)Ignition and operation possible 176-264 V between
Mains frequency 50/60 Hz
DC voltage operation during emergency back-up No
For limited time (48Hrs) only:
Required battery voltage for 198V - 254V
guaranteed ignition
Required battery voltage for burning lamps 176V - 254V

Automatic restart after lamp replacement No
Insulation resistance test   500 V DC from Line/Neutral to Earth (not between Line and                                             Neutral) Note: Ensure that the neutral is reconnected again                                             after the above-mentioned test is carried out and before                                                 the installation is put in operation Lamp current crest                                                     factor < 1.7

Technical data in relation to energy saving (all typical values at Vmains =230V)

 Lamp Nominal* TL-D 18W
Qty. of Lamps W 2
Ballast EB-S 218 TLD
System Power W 37W
Lamp Power W 32.0 W
Ballast Losses 4
THD 15%

PHILIPS EB-SELECTALUME 218 TLD 220-240V Fluorescent Electronic Ballast x50PCs

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