Load image into Gallery viewer, F3 Ballast /Drivers Osram OTi55W/120-277/2A0/DIM-1 x10PCs
Load image into Gallery viewer, F3 Ballast /Drivers Osram OTi55W/120-277/2A0/DIM-1 x10PCs
Load image into Gallery viewer, F3 Ballast /Drivers Osram OTi55W/120-277/2A0/DIM-1 x10PCs

Osram OTi55W/120-277/2A0/DIM-1 x10PCs Delight

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Constant Current LED Drivers
OPTOTRONIC Programmable Compact LED Drivers
Product family features
  • Universal input voltage - 120–277VAC 50/60Hz
  • UL Class 2 output for safe operation
  • Protection against line voltage on 0-10 V dimming wires
  • AUX output models available
  • Custom programmable with 1mA resolution to perfectly match LED load and maximize performance
  • Programming does not require powering up or connecting the power supply to AC line voltage
  • Wide output current and voltage range
  • Available in dimming to 1% with 0–10 V dimmers
  • Integrated OEM programmable features include: constant lumen maintenance, end-of-life indication, LED thermal protection, Vaux (12V/20V/24V), soft start, and dim-to-off
  • Familiar standard industry housing – 5.0" x 2.4" x 1.2" (L x W x H)
  • Available with mounting feet (F-style) or PEM studs (J-style) to simplify installation
  • Conforms UL SREC for NTC based thermal protection


Technical Data

General product information

Product Name

OTI55W1202772A0DIM1 20/CS 1/SKU

Ordering Abbreviation

OTi55W120-277/2A0 DIM-1

Brand Name


General Description

OTi55 Gen 2.0 Compact 1% - F Type - No AUX


Constant Current

Product Number


Programming Tool


Programmable Features

Output Current/Soft start/Dim-to-Off/Dimming Level/LED thermal protection/Constant lumen output/End-of-life indicator/Vaux (12/20/24V)

Electrical data

Nominal Total Max Wattage

55 W

Nominal Voltage

120-277 V

Electrical specifications - Auxiliary output (for AUX models only)

Output Current (mA) Aux Only


Output Voltage (VDC) Aux Only

12/20/24V (configurable)

Voltage Regulation

+/- 10%

Electrical specifications - Dimming

Dimming Input Isolation [CRM]


Dimming Control

0 – 10V (Isolated)

Dimming Range


Dimming Type

Current Reduction

Dim-to-Off OFF/ON


Source/Sink Current


Electrical specifications - Input

Inrush Current (Apk, T@50% of Apk) 120V

12.6, 120s

Inrush Current (Apk, T@50% of Apk) 277V

15.6, 116s

THD @ Full load 120V


THD @ Full load 277V


Power Factor @ Full load 120V


Power Factor @ Full load 277V


Efficiency @ Full load 120V


Efficiency @ Full load 277V


Frequency Range (Hz)

50 – 60 Hz (+/- 5%)

Input Current (A) 120V


Input Current (A) 277V


Input Voltage (VAC)

120V-277V (+/- 10%)

Electrical specifications - LED thermal protection (NTC)

NTC Value Active Range


Temperature Derating start

User defined

Electrical specifications - Output

Over Load Protection

Yes, non-latching

Over Temperature Protection

Foldback to 50% at 100ºC

Over Voltage Protection

Yes, non-latching

Output Voltage (VDC)


Output Short-Circuit Protection

Yes, non-latching

Output Ripple Current

<20% @ 2000mA

Output Current (mA)

700-2000mA (1mA step) - 1000mA default

Max. Output Power (W)


Load Regulation


Line Regulation

< 5%

LED Power-Up Time

< 0.5sec CA T-24 Compliant

Environmental specifications

Transient Protection

NEMA SSL 1 - 2010 / Non-Roadway 2.5KV

UL Environmental Rating

Dry & Damp

UL File number


Ambient Operating Temperature

-30ºC to 50ºC

Case Temperature (Tc)

90ºC Max - 75ºC (50kHrs)

EMI Compliance

FCC Part 15 Class A

IP Rating


Max. Case Temperature (Tc)

90ºC Max - 75ºC (50kHrs)

Max. Relative Humidity (%)

85% non-condensing

Max. Storage Temp.


Sound Rating

Class A

Osram OTi55W/120-277/2A0/DIM-1 x10PCs Delight

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