SORAA Premium LED MR16, GU5.3(Gen 1) MR16-AB1-A1-830 long lasting LED lights for room

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SORAA Premium LED MR16 is one of the long lasting LED lights for room, it can also be used in kitchens, closets or hallways. 

Premium MR16 GU5.3(1st Geneneration)  MR16-AB1-A1-830 Dimmable

Type Base Model Number Power Lumen Ra CCT Beam Voltage Rated Life
MR16 Gu5.3 MR16-AB1-A1-830-10T-24-U2 9.8W 380 80 3000K 24 12V 30,000hrs
MR16 Gu5.3 MR16-AB1-A1-830-10T-36-U2 9.8W 380 80 3000K 36 12V 30,000hrs
MR16 Gu5.3 MR16-AB1-A1-830-09T-14-U2 8.8W 380 80 3000K 14 12V 30,000hrs
MR16 Gu5.3 MR16-AB1-A1-830-12T-24-U2 11.5W 380 80 3000K 24 12V 30,000hrs


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