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GE MARINER MAR/PC/258 5Ft GRP Weatherproof Fixture for T8 Fluorescent Tubes

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For the datasheet click here.

For the datasheet click here.

Can use 2 tubes per fitting (if only 1 tube needs to do rewiring which we can provide).

Applications:  Semi-conductor industry, electronics industry, tunnel, parking lots, walkways, and other wet or dusty locations.

Specification Features.

Body: polycarbonate with expanded polyurethane gasket

Diffuser: clear PoIycarbonate V2 self- extinguishing, injection-molded and UV stabilized to prevent yellowing, smooth exterior surface for easy cleaning and internal IongitudinaI prismatic reeding for the maximum Luminous efficiency

Clips: stainless steel clips with steel coupling 

Reflector: with flat reflecting profile, made of sheet steel with white epoxy-polyester powder coating guaranteeing high reflective index. utilized as a support for electrical wiring 

Power supply and electrical circuit: wired for multi-voltage MAR/P/C series can be ceiling mounted, or chain mountedLj WAP series can be ceiling mounted. PIace of origin: China

Electric Standards & Safety CCC Certificated, GB7000, 12-1999, IEC60598, 220-240V, 50/60Hz; IP65 IP65 GB

                          L (mm)   W (mm)    H (mm)     A (mm)

MAR/P/C258   1565         158           110           900