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[China]LED R145A Series IP67 Underground Light

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 For datasheet click here.

For Datasheet click here.

Shifts from China and lead time 2-3 weeks based on quantity.


The product is widely used in the decorative lighting for piazza, restaurants, private villas, garden, conference room, exhibition hall, beautify the area environment, stage bar, shopping mall, parking sculpture, the tourist attractions.

B-1. Setting and Built-in Programs
Press 【MODE】 into the setting of working mode
Press 【MODE】 the controller will enter into
two kinds of functions;Each time press the button,
a new mode or function will be available.
Function:(A)Built-in programs;
(B) ;Set DMX Address
(A)Built-in programs:(Total 26 functions)
The brightness range of Static color: 0~255
Speed range of Color change/fade: 0~100
Cycle range of 0~10
*Function 08~25 can be optional in AutoRun Mode.

(B) DMX ADDRESSING: Press UP or DOWN to start setting.
The controller has 3 DMX channels designed. 



ITEM NO/       产品型号 DESCRIPTION/描述
LUL-R145A-6P-S LED Underground Light,type R145A,Φ145x73mm,stainless steel cover and aluminum housing,6pcs Power Leds/3W,24V DC,18W(max),IP68;R,G,B,Y,WW available,with embedded part.;20°,30°,40 ° lens optional LED 地埋灯,R145A型,Φ145*H73mm,铝灯体+不锈钢面盖,6pcs Power Leds/3W,24V DC,18W(max),IP68;可提供R,G,B,Y,WW ,预埋件;可带20°,30°,40 °透镜
LUL-R145A-18P-RGB LED Underground Light,type R145A,Φ145x73mm,stainless steel cover and aluminum housing,18pcs (R-6,G-6,B-6) Power Leds/1W,24V DC,18W(max),IP67,with embedded part;15°,25°,40 ° 3in1 lens optional LED 地埋灯,R145A型,Φ145xH73mm,铝灯体+不锈钢面盖,18个大功率 (R-6,G-6,B-6) Leds/1W,24V DC,1 8W(max), IP67,预埋件;可带15°,25°,40 ° 3合1透镜


E-1. Positioning
Position the fixture, cable pipe, on the ground, including driver or controller space if any.
E-2. Installation of cable pipe before construction
Use professional underground PVC pipe for extension and connector cables.
*Make sure the pipe be not broken in the middle.
*Make sure the diameter of the pipe is big enough to let cables or connectors go through.
*Prevent the pipe is filled with clay or concrete.