[China] LED R180A/R210A Series IP68 Pool Light

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For datasheet click here.

For datasheet click here.

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This product is mainly used for swimming pools, underwater fixtures. With a friendly and convenient operation, it can offer magic effects in water and ground.

A. Specification
A-1. Structure
Materials of Shell: Aluminum alloy/6063
Rotary angle: 150°
Input Voltage: 24V DC
Protecting Rating: IP68
Operating Temperature: -20°~40°
A-1. Model Configuration Table

Model No Led color LED Quantity Power Consumption Beam Angle Size Weight
LPL-R180A-18P   R, G, B 18 23 WATTS 20°/30°/40° Ø 170xH180mm



LPL-R210A -36P R, G, B 36 45 WATTS 20°/30°/40° Ø 210xH190mm




B. Working mode

B-1. DMX512 mode (signal from DMX console)
B-2. Built-in mode
B-3. Master/Slave mode Mode(Master=001,Slave≠001)

C. Function & Setup

C-1.DMX Channel instruction-3 Channels available as a sheet:

Data  Function Data  Function Data  Function
0~255 Brightness of Red 0~255


of Green

0~255 Brightness of Blue


***Enter or quit DMX mode automatically once detecting a valid signal!!!

C-2. DMX Address Setting

Press the MODE button to the interface as below, the address(A,B,C,D,E,F )display on the LCD screen are corresponding to the output port on the controller (1 # 2 # 3 # 4 # 5 # 6 # ).Press the SET button to choose different output port; Press the Up and Down button to the desired address, each port can set as digits less than 512.


ITEM NO/       产品型号 DESCRIPTION/描述
LPL-R180A-18P-RGB LED Pool Light, Type R180A; Dia: 170mm, 18pcs (R-6,G-6,B-6) Power LEDs/1W, 23W, 24V DC;20°,30°,40 ° lens optional, IP68 LED 水底灯,  R180A型; 直径: 170mm, 18pcs (R-6,G-6,B-6) Power LEDs/1W, 23W, 24V DC;20°,30°,40 °可选, IP68
LPL-R210A-36P-RGB LED Pool Light, Type R210A; Dia: 210mm, 36pcs (R-12,G-12,B-12) Power LEDs/1W, 45W, 24V DC; 20°,30°,40 ° lens optional,IP68 LED水底灯,  R210A型; 直径: 210mm, 36pcs (R-12,G-12,B-12) Power LEDs/1W, 45W, 24V DC; 20°,30°,40 °可选,IP68



[China] LED R180A/R210A Series IP68 Pool Light

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