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[China] LED BF Series IP68 White Circular Fountains Light

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For datasheet click here.

For datasheet click here.

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These lamps mainly used in swimming pools, or underwater places. Three kinds of functions like Signal color,auto-changing and switch on/off are available for different applications.

A. Specification

A-1. Structure

Materials of Shell: 316 stainless steel

Input Voltage 24V DC

Protecting Rating: Ip68

Operating Temperature: -20℃~40℃.


ITEM NO/       产品型号 DESCRIPTION/描述
LPL-BF1-9P-RGB LED fountain light,316stainless steel, Dia170mm, 9pcs (R:3,G-3,B-3)/2W ,21W, 24VDC,IP68,25° LENs ,4wires 3 loops

LED喷泉灯,不锈钢灯体(316), Dia170mm, 9pcs (R:3,G-3,B-3)/2W ,21W,12VDC,IP68,25°

LENs  ,4线3回路

LPL-BF1-9P-S LED fountain light,316 stainless steel, Dia170mm,9pcs 2W LED ,Steady color,21W,24VDC,IP68,25° LENs 

LED喷泉灯,不锈钢灯体(316), Dia170mm,9pcs 2W LED ,常亮模式,21W,24VDC,IP68,

25° LENs 

LPL-BF2-12P-RGB LED fountain light,316 stainless steel, Dia182mm,12pcs (R:4,G-4,B-4)/2W ,29W,24VDC,IP68,25° LENs ,4wire 3loops

LED喷泉灯,不锈钢灯体(316), Dia182mm,12pcs (R:4,G-4,B-4)/2W ,29W,24VDC,IP68,25°


LPL-BF2-12P-S LED fountain light,stainless steel, Dia182mm,12pcs 2W LEDs,Steady color,29W,24VDC,IP68,25° LENs 

LED喷泉灯,不锈钢灯体(316), Dia182mm,12pcs 2W LEDs,常亮模式,29W,24VDC,IP68,

25° LENs