VIVE Lighting

VIVE LED Tubes are highly efficient and one of the best selling products. VIVE Lumilyte 85-265V T8  LED TUBE(2 side wiring) is super bright, it brightens up the space with just the right amount of light, it is Eco-friendly and does not harm your eyes. "Lumilyte" 85-265V T8 18W 4FT LED...
LED spotlight bulbs are very useful in enhancing the beauty of your home decor, they can be used in living room, stages, museums, hotel lobbies, restaurants etc., Vive LED PAR 30 LED Spotlight Lamp (12W) is a simple yet elegant LED light which has got classic design and marvelous finish, lighting...
-C35- AC 220-240V- 4W (40W)- 400lm- E14/E27- 2700K- Dimmerable Length:95 mm Diameter:35mm
Vive T8 LED Tube (HO)Vive "VIVE" 85-265V T8 22W 4FT HO LED TUBE (2300lm) (double side wiring)  Description:- LED T8 Tube (HO)- 85-265V- 4FT  22W  (2300lm)- Color  3000K  (Warm White)             4000K  (Cool White)             6500K  (Cool Day Light)
Description:- AC 220-240V- 8W (65W)- 800lm- E27 Base- 2700K (Warm White)- Dimmerable
Vive LED Filament Lamp (A60)ViveDescription: Non Dimmable - AC 230V- 8W (60W)- 650lm - E27 Base- 2700K (Warm White) Dimmable - AC 220-240V- 8W (65W)- 800lm- E27 Base- Dimmerable
$ 23.00 $ 25.00
Vive LP 40W LED LampViveDescription:- 40W - AC 110-230V- E27 Base- 3800lm- 6500K (Cool Day Light) / 3000K Dimension:210x120mm  Vive LP 100W LED LampViveDescription:- AC 220-240V- 100W (1000W)- E27 Base- (9000lm)- 3000K 
- A018- 220-240V- 5W (50W)- 500lm- GU10 Base Non-Dimmable - Color: 4000K (Cool White)              3000K (Warm White)              6500K (Cool Day Light) - A018- 220-240V- 5W (50W)- 500lm- GU10 Base- Dimmerable- Color : 6500K (Cool Day Light)     ...
Vive LED Track Light FittingViveDescription:- Use For Track Only- Use Switch To Change Color- AC: 190-260V- 20W- 2000lm- Black/White casing- 3 CCT: 6500K (Day Light)              4000K (Cool White)              3000K (Warm White)
Vive LED T8 Tube (Color Type)ViveDescription:- AC:85-265V- 18W- 4FEET (1200mm)-1200lm- Color: RED / BLUE / YELLOW             GREEN / PURPLE
Vive A60 LED GLS Lamp - A60- 9W (75W)- E27 Base- 800lm- 3000K (Warm White)- 6500K (Cool Day Light)- Dimmable
Vive LED Filament Lamp (Ping Pong)Vive- P45- 220-240V- 4W (40W)- 400lm- E14 /E27- 2700K (Warm White)- Dimmerable  
VIVE Lighting