SORAA BRILLIANT MR16 Gu5.3 (3rd Generation)  Soraa’s MR16 is now powered by third generation of GaN on GaN LED technology, achieving world-record-setting efficiency. We’re proud of our track record of innovation and rapid development, but equally proud to offer continuity between our Gen 2 and Gen 3 product lines. Every...
For the datasheet click here. SORAA BRILLIANT HL™ The Soraa Brilliant HL single-source COB lamp combines Soraa’s world-class optics design and driver technology with a photonically efficacious LED.   With a point source and sophisticated folded optics, Soraa creates very controlled beam angles from 10 to 60 degrees, in form...

Soraa recently debuted SORAA BRILLIANT HL (high lumen), the company’s first highly efficient and high-lumen range of lamps. 

The anticipated halogen replacement provides lighting designers with new opportunities to illuminate spaces with an energy-efficient, high lumen, and color quality light source.