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A Parabolic Aluminized Reflector lamp (also PARCAN lightPARcan, or simply PAR) is a type of electric lamp that is widely used in commercial, residential, and transportation illumination.

PAR38 are used in  Commercial and residential recessed lights, Track Lights, Stage lights and in many other applications. 

At delight we offer LED PAR38, Halogen PAR38, Flourescent PAR38, Reflector PAR38 with E27 base, Dimmable. and non dimmable types with Input Voltage 220-240V and various beam angles. 

Size of PAR lamps are 

Designation Nominal Dia.
Nominal Dia.
PAR64 8 200
PAR56 7 175
PAR46 5.75 145
PAR38 4.75 120
PAR36 4.5 115
PAR30 3.75 95
PAR20 2.5 65
PAR16 2 50